Pop! Effects offers you the service of "cloning" a sound, NOT a brand..

Looking for a pedal that is no longer made? They don't ship to your country? Cant afford the ridiculously over inflated retail prices?

We can help you.. We don't clone a pedal, brand or reputation, but rather help you by replicating the sound to your taste so you can get the same type of tone without breaking the bank, or endlessly losing out because you are on a remote island.

To enquire or to receive a quote, please send us a detailed message on our contact page.

Custom tube screamer type circuit with custom graphic of customers’ Band logo.


Phase clone and analogue delay.


Fuzz clone with dual LED's.


Classic type distortion with custom Jazz Cat graphic.


Plain satin black boost pedal with external Gain and Bright switches.


Klone Centaur etched into Enclosure with black enamel.


Small boost pedal based off of the SHO circuit.


Custom overdrive pedal based off of the prince tones.


Momentary switch boost based off of the SHO circuit.


Overdrive based on the Zen-type sound.