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"I started getting into pedal building when I was tired of paying substantial amounts of money on “custom” and “boutique” pedals, that were actually just as commercialised as all the big names out there. I started off with simple modifications to my own pedals, searching the internet for modifications that would add grit, cut high end, add a boost or even some transparency and gain. Most of the time I was lucky as playing with BossTM and IbanezTM pedals a lot of modifications were freely available online and had been done before.
I slowly built my knowledge of circuitry and which components affect each type of sound. When modifications were not available online I tried duplicating the same concept with great success! This sort of thing really tickled my fancy.
I started gathering small schematics of popular circuits and whilst most of them I threw away and got burned, eventually I got the hang of it! It was compete bliss. Something was missing though…
Although I was happy with the circuits I was building, I wanted a tweaked sound – and so Pop! Effects was born." - Leon Van Zyl, Founder and CEO


I had Leon do a 'Keeley'-type mod and LM308 chip installation to my Rat distortion pedal. The component upgrade was meticulously and professionally done. The distortion I get from it is tight and thick, and the three-way switch that was installed allows for an array of sounds. At half the price nd 1/3rd of the time, I would recommend him to all South African guitarists - Keenan Ahrends

Leon van Zyl is an innovative pedal builder as well as a truly passionate South African musician. Leon has built a tone of gear for me which has always exceeded my expectation, can fix and build just about anything! HE CAN FIX AND BUILD JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! Half of my pedal board was built my Leon and people generally gasp at how affordable his pedals are, considering the exceptional quality. Leon has always been incredibly helpful and is always willling to advice me on my rig. I consider him to be a great asset to the music commnunity. - Brandon-Lee of Soberdose

Leon takes his time and makes sure what you are getting is not a "cookie cutter" product. Truly tailored to your individual needs as a musician. 10/10. - Russell Wells

Thanks for the awesome pedals! I love the 'mesa'-type pre-amp! Still fiddling with the Franken Screamer but loving the tone! Your service is excellent and appreciate your effort you put into helping the client! - Hugo Kruger

I approached Leon at Pop effects (four weeks ago) looking for three pedals. From the word "go" he understood exactly what my needs were. I strongly recommend him for your custom builds. His work is of the highest stanard, he is knowledgeable on his work and he delivers on the timelines commited. Thanks bro. - Anton



Ian Bushell

Ian Bushell Session guitarist, clinician and educator based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Ian currently holds down a flourishing private lesson roster in Johannesburg as well as teaching guitar at King David Linksfield.
Session work has varied from numerous studio recordings, TV and radio appearances in South Africa to extensive live performances spanning Southern Africa, U.A.E, Australia and Thailand over the last twelve years.

Artist's include:
Jascha Richter (Michael Learns To Rock), Karlien Van Jaarsveld, Dilana, Bobby Van Jaarsveld, Glen Hodgson (The Parlotones), Ghapi, Brent Harris (Just Jinjer), Garth Taylor

Bands include:
Watershed, SouthWorld, Inersha

Theatre productions include:
Rocking The Ages (Emperor's Palace), Seven Wonders (Barnyard Theatre)

Clinics include:
Jim Dunlop, Ibanez (South Africa)

Current Endorsements:
Marshall Music | Bogner Pedals (South Africa)

Previous Sponsorships and Endorsements:
Jim Dunlop Guitar Products | Music Connection | Ibanez (South Africa) | Vitamin Water (South Africa) | Converse (South Africa) | Carlsberg (South Africa) |

"Leon is a super down to eath guy, passionate about his trade and a pleasure to deal with.
The attention to detail and quality POP Effects delivers in each effects pedal is second to none,. Playingin a variety of styles situations and travelling a lot, I need gear I can rely on for good consistent tone that suit's different styles perfectly, as well as being extremely durable. My job relies on it. I can rely on Pop Effects to deliver every time." - Ian Bushell